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IModel was founded by software engineers with experience in the process control industry.

After developing analyzers for the chemical industry, we reached a conclusion that the modeling process that converts acquired data into physical properties is not working as it should.

The process of building and maintaining calibration models is too complex and requires too many efforts by the operators.

It involves the initial modeling process, collecting data from analyzers and finding the matching lab data. Then, after the model was created and installed on the analyzer, it needs to be manually maintained until the model becomes robust and mature enough. The process is complicated and involves too many manual operations that may result in errors, slow response to changes and a lot of man hours.

We thought that such a system should be completely automatic. It should collect data from the analyzer, build the models, predict the properties and send the predicted values to the DCS.

The only thing required by the operator, is to feed lab data into the system, and this can also be automated through modbus. Lab data is used as reference for building the models. Architecture is better described here

After a long research and tests on data collected from refineries and chemical plants, we came up with an algorithm that builds a model within few minutes.

The product we came up with is a software only product that can be installed on any windows machine. It can connect to any analyzer (NIR/FT-IR/NMR) and automate all the modeling process.

The software is already installed in production, in a variety of sites, producing accurate predictions and simplifying the whole process.

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