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The Technology

The ModelGateway software enables automation of online analyzers.

It creates chemometric models automatically, and provides a full infrastructure solution that handles modeling, prediction, communication and reporting, without human intervention.

The product is a software only solution that is installed on any analyzer (FT-NIR, NMR, Raman). It acts as an extension to the analyzer software and the analyzer is only required to run the analysis and generate the spectra. the rest is done by ModelGateway.

ModelGateway automatically loads Spectra from the analyzer. Lab Data is loaded from LIMS.

Once Lab Data and Spectra were loaded, ModelGateway automatically generates chemometric models that are used for predicting any amount of properties from each new spectrum. The predictions are then reported to the DCS over OPC/Modbus protocols.

The automatic models are created using AI algorithms. The Lab Data feedback into the software enables online validation of the predictions and quality of the models.

The user can choose to be involved in the modeling process or let it run 100% automatic.

A database manages the acquired information, and the software generates graphic reports, trend charts of the process and spectra analysis reports for easy analysis and troubleshooting.


  • No skills required

  • Major cost reduction

  • Fast response to changes

  • Accurate predictions

  • Support any analyzer

  • Complete Infrastructure

ModelGateway Overview

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